Wittner / 260111 / Cordal Violin Classic Negro 4/4-Sintetico-Negro CORDAL VIOLIN - Wittner (260111) 4/4 (Cordal Violin Classic Negro) Sintetico NegroCORDAL...

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GEWA Form shaped violin case Bio I S 4/4 Organic flax shell Padded suspension system Weight approx. 1,6 kg Soft handle GEWA patented swivel type holder for 2 bows Accessory compartment 2 detachable rucksack straps Exterior brown Interior velvet...

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- Made in Germany- Wooden shell- Padded suspension system- Weight approx. 3,2 kg- Screw attached cover with music sheet pocket, water repellent- GEWA swivel type holder patented- Flexible bow holder- Blanket- Accessory compartments- Leather...

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These strings have a highly flexible, multi-strand nylon core and cater for artists who feel uncomfortable with steel strings. The resounding success of our Dominant string owes a lot to its similarity in tone and response to gut strings, without...

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Pirastro Eudoxa Violin String - E - Plain Steel, Loop End, No. 3149. Medium Pirastro Eudoxa single violin string - MediumE -1st stringPlain SteelLoop EndNo....

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Made in Germany;High density polyfoam shell;Padded suspension system;Ultra light, ca 1,9 kg;Water-repellent replcement cover with music sheet pocket;GEWA swivel-type holder patented, flexible bow holder;Swiss lock;Protection blanket;Accessory...

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Wittner / 918111-5 / Cordal Violin Ultra Negro Para Violin De 5 Cuerdas-4/4-Sintetico-Con Tensores Negros Y Cuerda Sujeta/Cordal CORDAL VIOLIN - Wittner (918111 5) 4/4 (Cordal Violin Ultra) Sintetico NegroCORDAL VIOLINWittner918111...

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Brand: Thomastik name: Dominant Good for: violin / violin Size: 4/4 String Set consisting of: wound g silver, nylon core (133) d aluminum wound, nylon core (132) a aluminum wound, nylon core (131) e steel, bare ( 129) material: Multi-core nylon...

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Features: Built-in operation amplifier with low noise , natural and clear sound. True bypass design, minimizes tone loss and get more control of your pedal. 3 adjustable knobs: level, low and high. Aluminum alloy housing, good durability. Durable...

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Wittner / 918151 / Cordal Violin Ultra Negro 1/8-Sintetico-Con Tensores Negros Y Cuerda Sujeta/Cordal CORDAL VIOLIN - Wittner (918151) 1/8 (Cordal Violin Ultra) Sintetico NegroCORDAL...

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Wittner / 918121 G / Cordal Violin Ultra Negro 3/4-Sintetico-Con Tensores Dorados Y Cuerda Sujeta/Cordal CORDAL VIOLIN - Wittner (918121 G) 3/4 (Cordal Violin Ultra) Sintetico NegroCORDAL VIOLINWittner918121...

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Wittner / 918131 G / Cordal Violin Ultra Negro 1/2-Sintetico-Con Tensores Dorados Y Cuerda Sujeta/Cordal CORDAL VIOLIN - Wittner (918131 G) 1/2 (Cordal Violin Ultra) Sintetico NegroCORDAL...

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