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The Vmini is a super sleek portable controller that has some pretty cool features including 4 backlit velocity-sensitive drum pads, 4 backlit assignable knobs and also includes Xpand!2 virtual instrument software by AIR Music Tech. it may be small but the Vmini packs a mighty punch for the price.

With 25 expressive velocity-sensitive mini keys you can still show emotion whether you are banging out an idea on the go or saving space on your studio desk.

Pads + knobs + buttons
Unlike most mini keyboards the Vmini comes with 4 backlit velocity-sensitive drum pads and 4 backlit assignable knobs. In order to save on space and not functionality Alesis have included, Octave, Sustain, Pitchbend and modulation buttons.

The Vmini is USB powered so can go anywhere your laptop goes and weighs 57 grams. This is perfect for throwing in a backpack and using wherever inspiration strikes.

The Vmini also includes AIR Music Tech Xpand!2
Xpand!2 is a workstation with over 2500 presets…just take a second 2500 PRESETS! if you need any sound its now at your fingertips. However this is more than just a preset machine it also incorporates subtractive and FM synthesis opening the door to a new universe in sound design. Xpand!2 includes two independent effect processors with fifty studio-grade effects so get ready not only will your mind Expand but your music will…2!

  • Compact USB-powered design lets you create anywhere
  • 25 expressive velocity-sensitive, synth-action mini keys
  • 4 backlit velocity-sensitive drum pads; 4 backlit assignable knobs
  • Dedicated octave, pitch bend, modulation, and sustain buttons
  • Includes Xpand!2 virtual instrument software by Air Music Tech

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