Buy Antoble Universal Sustain Pedal With Piano Style for Electronic Keyboards, Synthesizers & Dgital Piano


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Size: 23 x 7.5 x 6 cm
Silver plate: 11 x 4 cm
Cable Length: 1.5m”

Compatible with almost all keyboards and electric pianos on the market:
Casio CTK-4200 CTK4200 WK-220 WK220 WK-225 WK225 CTK-491 CTK-496 CTK-571 CTK-573 CTK-591 CTK-593 CTK-671 CTK-691 CTK-691 CTK-700 CTK-2000 CTK-2080 CTK-2100 CTK-2200 CTK-2300 CTK-3000 CTK-3200 CTK-451 CTK-471 CTK-481 CTK-2090 CTK2090 CTK-2400 CTK2400 CTK-4400 CTK4400 CTK-710 CTK-720 CTK-800 CTK-810 CTK-900 LK-100 LK-200 LK-200S LK-210 LK-215 XW-P1 XW-G1 WK-200 WK-1300 LK-50 LK-55 LK-73 LK-230 LK-160 LK-165 LK-240 LK-270 LK-280 CDP-220R CPS-7 CPS-720 CPS-80 CPS-85 CT-625 WK-240 WK-3500 WK-500 WK-6500 KWK-240 WK240 WK-245 WK245 WK-7600 WK7600 PS-3000 WK-3200 WK-3700 WK-3300 WK-3800 WK-8000 WK-6600 CDP-120 CDP-220 CDP-130BK SR CDP-130BK CDP-130 CDP-230RBK SR CDP-230RBK CDP-230 SP20 Digital Piano Keyboard Footswitch Damper Pedal

Yamaha FC4 FC4A FC3A Acorn FP-2 M-Audio SP-2 YPG-235 YPG-535 YPT-230 YPT-330 P-120S P-150 P-60 P-65 P-80 P-90 YPR-8 YPR-9 YPT-400 PSR-E343 PSRE343 PSR-E443 PSRE443 DGX-230 DGX-530 DGX-640 DGX-202 DGX-220 DGX-520 DGX-620 P-100 P-120 EZ-220 PSR-260 PSR-262 PSR-273 PSR-275 PSR-280 PSR-E253 PSRE253 PSR-S670 PSRS670 PSR-S770 PSRS770 PSR-E323 YPT-320 PSR-E403 PSR-E413 PSR-I425 PSR-E344 PSR-450 PSR-350 PSR-550 PSR-175 PSR-172 YPT-300 PSR-E303 PF70 PF80 PF85 YPT-310 CBX-K2 P-45 P45 PSR-E243 YPT-240 MM6 MM8 MO6 MO8 MOX6 MOX8 MX49 MX61 Piano Style – Universal Foot Pedal; Yamaha Motif XF6 XF7 XF8 ES6 ES7 ES8 XS6 XS7 XS8 Keyboard Footswitch Damper Pedal

Kurzweil SP3X SP2XS SP2X SP2 PC88 mx SP88X SP88 KME61 PC1SE PC1X PC2 PC2X PC161 MPS10F MPS20F Mark-Pro TWOiS Keyboard

Korg DS1H PA300 PA50SD SP170 SP170s SP250 SP300 SP500 Keyboard Footswitch Damper Pedal

Roland FA-06 FA-08 DP-10 Music Workstation ; RD-800 Stage Piano ; VP-7 Vocal Processor Footswitch Damper Pedal

Williams Allegro Legato Encore Etude Mk2 Keyboard Footswitch Damper Pedal

  • This product is made with the highest quality materials tested by manufacturer to match and/or exceed specifications of OEM products.
  • Applies to all keyboards, synthesizers, MIDI keyboards.
  • Realize reversing via the polarity switch, no need to worry about the non-universality of different brands.
  • Color: Silver tone + Black
  • This product has a 30 day Money-Back Guarantee and a 1-year limited warranty.