Buy Artisan’s Premium Quality Violin Strings. Fit 4 4 or 3 4 Size. 4 Steel Ball End E Strings. 100% satisfaction guaranteed Warmest Tones & Unmatched Durability.


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Artisan Violin Strings offer incredible value for money:
SUPERIOR QUALITY at an affordable price
NO MISSING OR DAMAGED STRINGS. Every set has been carefully inspected PRIOR to shipping.
STAINLESS STEEL CORE gives the strings their superior strength, durability & dependability.
EASY TO BREAK IN, stable pitch, requires less re-tuning.
EXCEPTIONAL SOUND – Their warm, bright, clear tones will make even a novice player sound amazing.
FLAT WOUND E-STRING provides a perfectly smooth surface, best for reducing screech and finger noise.
VERSATILE – Suitable for players of all levels, beginner to advanced & for full size and 3/4 size violins.
One of the most popular violin string sets on the market

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E-1st String: 0.254 mm
A-2nd String: 0.508 mm
D-3rd String: 0.685 mm
G-4th String: 0.889 mm

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  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY – Warm, bright, clear tones will make even the most novice player sound amazing!
  • STAINLESS STEEL CORE offers superior strength & durability. STABLE PITCH requires less re-tuning.
  • VERSATILE – Suitable for beginners to advanced players, full size 4 4 and 3 4 size violins.
  • ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR BRANDS OF VIOLIN STRINGS. Order yours today while supplies last!
  • BUY NOW! NO RISK 30 DAY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We take pride in outstanding customer service!