Buy Cables To Go 2m Lc/sc Duplex 62.5/125 Multimode Fibre Cable


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Multimode Fibre Patch Cables with Clips from C2G are designed with small connectors to satisfy the need for higher port density both in the telecom room and the work area. The LC cable with latch clip design gives each connection greater durability in resisting pulls, strains and impacts during cabling installs and maintenance. Fibre patch cables are perfect for Fast Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Infiniband, ATM, Gigabit Ethernet and connecting fibre optic equipment to fibre optic cross-connects, Cables and info

  • Connector: LC to SC
  • RJ style latch in a connector body half the size of a conventional SC
  • LC connector is easy to engage and disengage featuring a “telephone jack style” release mechanism
  • Latch design prevents the plug from snagging when jumper cables are being routed
  • Immune to electrical interference