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Cleartone Strings are far from the coated strings youve used in the past. Cleartone Strings feature a patented and award winning treatment that is less than one micron thin yet withstands even the hardest of strumming. That means none of the flakes, slippery feel or dead tone that coated strings are known for. In fact, the Cleartone Treatment actually increases volume over untreated strings while still giving you 3-5X the string life. This means that you will be changing strings less and playing a whole lot more. Lets face it, changing strings sucks but your tone shouldnt. Gauge 9411 – 11, 14, 18, 28, 38, 48 Cleartone 9411 Coated Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings 11-48 Medium

  • Cleartone micro-treated electric guitar strings – thinnest coating in the industry, only available from Cleartone
  • Enhanced Molecular Protection even on plain strings – primarily designed for coating sensitive electronics and hard drive platters (extremely high tolerances for precision)
  • Award-winning patented treatment designed to keep your strings fresh 3-5 times longer than uncoated ones
  • Won’t flake off when playing hard, won’t feel slick or slippery
  • Coating repels moisture and resists corrosion and oils without dampening tone or feeling slimy