Buy Cremona SV-1600 4/4 Master Series Violin Outfit with Boxwood Peg


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SV-1600 Features: -Best quality ebony fingerboard, nut and saddle.-Solid maple neck.-Delicate, precisely inlaid, ebony purfling inlays.-Persian eye on the tail piece.-Hand craved and graduated solid spruce top.-Superb, deeply-figured.-Hand craved one piece, solid maple back and sides.-Oil varnish, hand-applied and rubbed to a lustrous.-Translucent dark brown oil varnish.-LB-17 J. LaSalle Brazil wood.-Unbleached white horsehair.-100+ years old. Includes: -Includes bow and case.

  • Extra-choice, 100+ years old, handcarved and graduated, solid spruce top
  • Superb, deeply figured, handcarved one-piece, solid maple back and sides
  • Solid maple neck
  • Ebony fingerboard, nut and saddle
  • Oil varnish, hand-applied and rubbed to a lustrous, warm, translucent, dark brown glow