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Brand: Thomastik name: Dominant Good for: violin / violin Size: 4/4 String Set consisting of: wound g silver, nylon core (133) d aluminum wound, nylon core (132) a aluminum wound, nylon core (131) e steel, bare ( 129) material: Multi-core nylon strings thickness: thin (soft) Mounting Type: ball End (ball)

What is a Ball End? The term “ball end” describes a type of string end, wherein at the end of the string a metal ball is attached.With this ball, the strings can be easily hooked into the tailpiece.Information about these strings Thomastik Infeld was founded 1919thSince Thomastik Infeld one of the leading companies in the field String development and innovation.Thomastik Dominant strings are characterized by their strong phonetic similarity with gut strings made, but without having the disadvantages of a gut string.They have a very flexible core of multicore Nylon, whereby the string is more elastic and compared with steel strings pleasant to grip.Difficult handles covered thereby easier.Thomastik Dominant strings take the mood well and develop a very good Stimmstbilit√§t.Even under adverse weather conditions such as a high percentage of humidity.The tone of the string is full and soft, but rich in overtones, without sounding cutting metal and unfolds both in arco and when plucking the strings.The sound quality and timbre are worth to invest it in a Dominant string! One should always pay attention to renew the strings from time to time.This ensures the maintenance of Klangbrillianz and thus the enjoyment of the game.Thomastik Dominant strings can be described by the following sound characteristics: full, soft, rich in overtones and clear.We would like to point out that information on the sound of the strings are provided for guidance only.Sound is an individual sensation.


  • Dominant violin set (129chrome,131,132,133) 4/4 – weak
  • These strings have a highly flexible, multi-strand nylon core and cater for artists who feel uncomfortable with steel strings.
  • Its radiance, its ability to project sound without being metallic, comes to the fore both in arco and pizzicato.