Buy Duronic KS2B Height Adjustable Twin X Frame Keyboard Stand, with Quick Pull Release Mechanism – Black


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The Duronic Keyboard stand comes in a Red and Black colour to make your gear stand out. Comes with security strap to connect your keyboard to the stand, it provides various heights and a quick release knob to pack it up flat for easy storage The special secure strap feature on this model fits most Yamaha and Casio models which has screw holes underneath for our straps to lock the keyboard to the stand to restrict accidental movement. Our stand can hold a maximum 20kg weight. Extend the keyboard stand out to the preferred height using the special quick release locking system. Place the keyboard on the stand. Get hold of each strap and screw them into the holes at the bottom of the keyboard. These holes exists on most Yamaha and Casio model’s. They also exist on various other branded keyboard, please check your model for these holes. If your keyboard does not have these holes then our stand will act as a strong support stand for your keyboard No pressure is to be applied other then keyboards weight. Collapse stand after use. 2 Year Limited Warrantee

  • Strong keyboard stand. main image shows keyboard on the stand for illustration purposses only. only 1 stand for sale. the duronic keyboard stand can achieve different heights, at each height measurements you will see the distance from one screw to the other screw in brackets; this will tell you at which heights the straps and screw will be effective to secure your keyboard onto the stand. all measurements in (cm). 98 – (50), 92 – (67), 84 – (81), 74 – (93), 62 – (104), 48 – (112), 33 – (120).
  • Quick pull release locking system. flat pack size: 103*45*7(cm). this stand is recommended for keyboards with a weight that equals or is less then 20kg
  • For brand other then yamaha, please check if your keyboard has holes on either side at the bottom for screws to go in. if they dont then this stand will support your keyboard like all other stand but will not connect them together. the stand has been tested to hold keyboards upto 20kg. please do not put any heavy objects on the stand other then a keyboard.
  • Security strap to secure keyboard to the stand. keyboard must have holes on the bottom for screws to go in
  • Almost all yamahas will fit this stand as most yamahas have two holes underneath which will allow the screws to go in and secure the stand to the keyboard