Buy Elagon Capo-A Blue. Quick-release Trigger Action Guitar Capo for Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Spanish Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo, Mandolin, Mandola, etc. The Standard and Reliable Workhorse Capo That Wont Fail You!


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Guitar capo for acoustic and electric guitars. Quick-release easy trigger style system. Can be very easily moved up/down the neck. Product material: zinc alloy. Capo weight: about 50g.

  • Robust, durable and light-weight zinc alloy.
  • Rubber contact pads for protection of the neck on the contact points.
  • The quick-release system makes it very easy to put the capo on and off the guitar neck, and makes its repositioning up or down neck very simple.
  • The capo is compatible with most 6 or 12 string acoustic, electric and classical guitars – clamps onto most fretboards.
  • Colour: Blue