Buy Guitar Luthier Repair Tool Kit with File Set in Stainless Steel Ruler Winder String Action Gauge


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Each element is designed for a different use, meet your esigenze.
Technical Specifications:
Main Material: Stainless Steel & Steel
Package size: approx.25 * 12.8 * 3.5 cm/9.8 * 5.0 * 1.4 in
Weight of the package: approx.364g/12.9 oz
The guitar is not included.
Package list:
3 * File
1 * Winder
1 * Stainless Steel
1 * Gauge String Action
1 * Case

  • Three rows of double cut Walnut, with 6 different specs, the set of three files does the work of six.
  • A stainless steel ruler, used at the bottom, whilst the cave nut, act as the nut stozzatura depth of reference, also to prevent scratches finish.
  • A sheet of string action ruler with centimeter and inches unit on side can quickly find the right distance and measure the accurate string height.
  • One Special String Winder, help to replace your strings in seconds with this classic winder.
  • Comes with a carrying case for easy storage and transport.