Buy MobileFDL Digital Portable Silicone USB MIDI Electronic Roll up Drum Set Musical Instrument for Children (Yellow)


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1. The global initiative portable multifunctional professional MIDI electronic drum
2. Lightweight, fashion, concise, easy to carry;
3. The built-in multiple sets of high quality drum sound source, the most true the most striking the drums!
4. The standard raised Settings, pedal extend interface, to bring you the real drums to enjoy;
5. Bring professional demonstration, convenient your appreciation and learning
6. Bring the accompaniment, are free to adjust the speed, is your best learning, practice partner
7. Bring recording function, convenient you record your music inspiration anytime and anywhere
8. To connect the computer can easily recording, editing, music belongs to you
9. Connect the computer to get unlimited professional timbre, effects, such as teaching game rich resources
10. Supporting software provides playing, learning, recording function
11. Batteries, equipped with high quality speaker, can use anytime and anywhere
12. Audio input/output interface, strong ability to scale
13. The USB/DC 5 v power supply
14. Support Windows XP/Vista / 7 and Mac OSX system, avoid flooding, support hot plug;
15. Compatible with Sonar, Cubase, Nuendo, Ezdrummer etc all mainstream sequencer and VST/VSTi plugins
Package Contents
Roll-Up Drum kit x 1
Drum sticks x 2
User guide x 1
usb mini cable x 1
foot pedal x 2

  • Portable, light
  • Support 2*AAA battery power ( no include) ,also can connect DC adapter
  • Up to 9 pad including Bass Drum, Tom, Snare, Hi-Hat and Crash Cymbal
  • High quality material with good handle
  • Supporting hot plug, MP3,louderspeaker,headphone