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The Korg Nano series is a true success, its one of those product lines that if you don’t already have you can definitely see how you could incorporate at least one the products into your set up. The nanoKEY studio is taking it to the next level and making your whole studio nano. With a keyboard, knobs, trigger pads, and touch pad you get everything you need to control a modern tudio.

The 25 keys are velocity sensitive and are spaced to look like a conventional 25 key keyboard but due to these being pads you also have an extra 25 velocity sensitive drum pads at your disposal. These keys are backlit and with the scale guide function you can see how to play certain scales. This is perfect for learners who want to get their scale theory down in a more practical way. You also have the top eight velocity-sensitive trigger pads, which can be set up to play chords (hello 90s dance music). They are also assignable so if you want to use them to launch clips you can do that as well. It’s your studio so its your imagination.

Touch Pad
The KAOSS was a huge hit for Korg and now you can have a piece of that genius in your nano studio. Controlling parameters with 1 finger or dive deep with arpegiation, the touch pad can open up possibilities that normal controllers just don’t have.

8 super handy totally assignable knobs so you can jam out on whatever you want. Ou can use for synth and effects control to simply getting a good levels in the mix or r send and returns.

Portable and compatible
This thing is called nano for a reason and was designed to be taken with you. It’s powered by USB so road trips with a laptop will now become epic jam sessions. You can also leave the laptop behind and use your iPad for power you just need to use your camera connection kit (not included). However if you hate wires this bad boy is equipped with Bluetooth for total mobility

  • Step-record as easily as typing.
  • A keyboard with 25 backlit keys that illuminate.
  • More freedom to produce music, via USB or wirelessly.
  • Lightweight and compact design can be placed anywhere and easily transported.
  • Create your ultimate mobile music production system with your iPad/iPhone and the nanoKEY Studio.