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Brand: Pirastro name: Chromcor Good for: consisting of 4/4 String Set: Violin / Violin size g carbon steel, chrome wound, solid core wound d carbon steel, chrome, solid core a carbon steel, chrome wound, solid core e carbon steel, bare material: carbon steel Saitenstärke medium (medium) Mounting Type: ball End (ball) Cheap steel string for students the sound is often described as bright, clear and powerful perceived Easy playability with faster response Finds quickly the tuning stability and is in tune Handmade in Germany

What is a Ball End? The term “ball end” describes a type of string end, wherein at the end of the string a metal ball is attached.With this ball, the strings can be easily hooked into the tailpiece.


  • brand: Pirastro
  • designation: Chromcor
  • Paged / set: sentence
  • size: 4/4
  • material: steel string