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10 Pieces – DuraGrip Purple guitar picks Unique stamped grip surface (“checkerboard pattern”) for a safe grip Colour: Purple Medium Heavy gauge: 1.20 mm (.047″) Material: Duralin Standard shape (approx. 26 x31 mm) for comfortable playing Duralin DuraGrip Picks – are made of Duralin (also Acetyl/Delrin) which is a unique material with extraordinary combination of strength, stiffness, durability, grip, and abrasion resistance. Duralin picks are known for their bright “clicking” sound of the pick while playing chords or fast single note passages, and are so preferred by many soloists for their clear articulation on fast single note passages. Compared to other Duralin picks, the DuraGrip pick offers a unique surface with a stamped checkerboard pattern that provides superior grip while playing.

  • Standard shape for comfortable playing
  • Unique stamped grip surface
  • Made from duralin, a material known for its ideal combination of strength, grip, durability and abrasion resistance
  • Available in all duralin gauges
  • Available in 10, 25, or 100 packs