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Qwik Tune Guitar Professor. This is a fully chromatic tuner with a large LCD screen which offers a chord finder facility. The Qwik Tune Guitar Professor features the almost standard Qwik Tune readout format of a swinging LCD needle onscreen, guided by opposing direction arrows and a central green light for in tune status. TAB style referejce is accessed by three buttons for chord, maj/min and 7th-9th. QTGP1 Features: LCD swinging needle Green in tune status light TAB style chord referance 250 Chords Major, Minor, 7th & 9ths Pitch Pipe

  • On-Screen Visual Reference Guide For 250 Chords
  • Fast & Precise Tuning
  • 3 LED Tuning Reference
  • Major, Minor, 7th & 9ths
  • Pitch Pipe