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Improved 2013 mechanism
Extremely robust metal design
Lightweight, portable guitar capo,Slightly curved rubber padding to accommodate both straight and curved fretboards.
Thick rubber padding on reverse of handle grip to protect hands whilst placing and removing guitar capo.
This sturdy, durable and hard wearing metal guitar capo with trigger mechanism is a lightweight, portable guitar capo for accomplished players allowing experimentation of playing in different keys at ease. The STRATA24® Guitar Capo is designed to accommodate almost any standard guitar neck as well as both straight and curved fretboards. The superior spring trigger securely fastens the guitar capo round the back of the neck with an angled, padded grip, whilst the top of the guitar capo rests on top of the strings with full rubber padding to protect your instruments’ strings and fretboard, without sharpening notes.

  • Improved 2013 Ergonomic Design
  • Quick Release Mechanism
  • Lightweight
  • Superior Spring Trigger
  • Protective Rubber Grip