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The Tiger 5 piece Junior Drum Kit is designed specially for children wanting to learn the drums. With its use of heavy duty chrome hardware, wooden drums and authentic drum heads, this drum kit gives you the same sound quality of a full size drum kit in a smaller, more practical size for children between 3 and 10 years old. Available in a choice of colours to suit everyone’s taste, the kits come with absolutely everything you need to begin including a bass drum, snare, two tom drums, crash and hi-hat cymbals, as well as all your hardware including heavy duty hardware stands, bass drum pedal, stool and sticks. With a drum key included in the kit you have the complete package for your child to start learning the drums with setup instructions specific to the Tiger Drum Kit included. Perfect for a Birthday or Christmas present, the Tiger drum kit is an immensely popular choice for parents across the UK. Specification: – Bass Drum: 16 x 11 – 12 Lugs – Snare Drum: 10 x 4 – 4 Lugs – Tom Drums: 8 x 6 – 4 Lugs 10 x 6 – 4 Lugs – Floor Tom: 12 x 10 – 8 Lugs – Cymbals: 8″ Hi-Hats, Tiger 12″ Crash – Adjustable Snare Stand – Adjustable Cymbal Stand (Not normally found on Junior Kits) – Adjustable Hi-Hat Stand – Bass Drum Pedal – Drum Stool – Pair of Junior Drum Sticks – Drum Key – Full set of Drum Heads – Box Dimensions: 61 x 48 x 49.5cm (1 box) – Weight of Box: 21kg

  • Suitable for children between ages 3 to 10 years
  • Easy to assemble kit with all you need to begin
  • Adjustable hardware for drummers of different size
  • Ideal Christmas or birthday gift for children wanting to learn drums
  • Includes three tom-toms, one snare drum, one bass drum, a hi-hat and crash cymbal