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Fast becoming one of the most popular beginners musical instruments, the ukulele is easy to learn and with its size is ideal for children as well as adults making it the perfect choice for those eager to learn an instrument. Fitted with precise geared mechanism machine heads and strung accurately this is a dependable ukulele that will hold its tune and that really helps you learn. Along with this the ukulele has a thinline neck which makes it easy to grip and the clear nylon strings are well spaced out so they are easy to press down on and play chords with. This makes it a preferable instrument to start on than a full size guitar for example which can be tricky to play when trying to press down the strings and with its size is not as suitable for children. Attention to detail has been key in creating an instrument that has a wholesome, mellow sound. With the use of mahogany and rosewood on the one-piece neck and fingerboard respectively, you have the makeup of a ukulele that makes it easy and comfortable to play. Item Specifications – Brand: Tiger – Scale: 21″ – Strings: Standard – Top Material: Linden – Back andamp; Sides: Linden – Neck: Mahogany – Fingerboard: Rosewood – Headstock: Mahogany – Bridge: Rosewood

  • Small size & light strings make it easy to play
  • Geared machine heads help keep the uke in tune
  • Neck is extremely comfortable & is easy to grip
  • High quality finish
  • Complete with FREE Nylon Bag