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A brilliant solution to keeping your instrument in tune, the Tiger Mini Clip-On Chromatic Tuner is suitable for a variety of instruments such as Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele and Wind. With a green and orange backlit LCD display the tuner clearly indicates whether the note youre playing is out of tune and whether it is too sharp or flat helping you to keep your instrument perfectly in tune. One particular advantage with this tuner is the ability to turn the screen 360° which means that you can easily view the screen from any angle. Being small in size this tuner is very transportable and is easy to operate with a power button and a second button to adjust the tuning setting for different instruments. Specifications: – Tuning settings:C(Chromatic), G(Guitar),B(Bass),V(Violin),U(Ukulele), W(Wind instrument) – A4 Frequency:430Hz-450Hz – Flat, for tuning guitar:b,bb – Note:C,F,Bb,Eb – Tuning Range:A0(27.5Hz)- C8(4186Hz) – Battery:CR2032

  • Clear green & orange lcd display
  • Turns 360 freely for ease of use
  • Small size makes it transportable
  • Tunes chromatic/guitar/bass/violin/ukulele/wind instruments
  • Simple operation with 2 buttons