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The Tiger Single X-Frame Keyboard Stand is an excellent addition for any pianist or keyboard performer. Made from high quality steel, with a high grade toothed locking mechanism and rubber creviced feet, the Tiger Single X-Frame Keyboard Stand is designed to be durable and stable making it suitable for uneven rehearsal and performance spaces. With a foldable and lightweight design, the stand is easy to transport and can be stored away with ease. The stand is compatible with most 61 to 88 key sized digital pianos and keyboards. Item Specifications Colour: Black Max Height: 94cm Lowest Height: 62cm Max Load: 20kg Tube Size 2.5cm Suitable for most keyboards with full size keys, including Yamaha Keyboards and Casio Keyboards.

  • Tiger x keyboard stand is perfect strong, versatile, robust stand
  • Made of metal tubing
  • High-grade circular toothed mechanism with lock-in h and le
  • Available in black finish
  • Heavy duty design