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Toa WT 5805 64 channel receiver rack mountable D04 Toa WT-5805 64 channel diversity receiver.  MB-WT3/MB-WT4 rack ends required to be purchased separately. Requires WM 5220 or WM 5225 or WM5320 or WM 5325 microphones Phased Lock Loop (PLL) synthesis operation. Four 16-channel banks of circuit frequencies. Double super-heterodyne receiving system. Two-line LCD display. Auto mixing input function. Squelch function (carrier,noise,tone). Usable frequencies scanning channel search function. Compact half-rack size body. Microphone sensitivity adjustment function. Compander circuitry for minimizing ambient noise. Low-battery indicator. D02 or G01/CH38 also available If you are unsure of frequency to order please call us on 0141 632 4633

  • Space diversity reduces a fading effect of a received signal and generates a constant output regardless of a variation of a signal-to-noise ratio of the received signal.
  • The space diversity receiver compares a signal-to-noise
    ratio(SNR) of a signal received from a first antenna and a SNR of a signal
    received from a second antenna, so as to amplify the best received signal.
  • Phase Locked Loop (PLL) synthesis operation, 64 selectable channels, TOA space diversity technology, Double super-heterodyne receiving system
  • Two-line LCD display, Auto mixing input function, Squelch function (carrier, noise, tone), Usable frequencies scanning and vacant channel search function