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Already in the year 1895 Gustav Wittner founded a precision mechanical factory for the production of Metronomes, which his son Rudolf Wittner expanded one by one to a medium-sized industrial plant.
Since 1975 the third generation is running the company.
worldwide known for the exceptional reliability and quality of its products.

Wittner metronomes are made to Wittner patents and incorporate over 100 years of experience, research, skill and dedication.

Wittner’s CAT metronome is made from a rugged plasticand treated with a smooth satin finish.
The metronome delivers a warm, natural, wood-like sound.
The tempo can be set from largo (40bpm min.) to prestissimo (200bpm max.).

Timeless look, extraordinary dependability, traditional sound and feel and outstanding craftmanship make a Wittner metronome an all-time classic.

  • Classic metronome by Wittner
  • Special animal-shape series 839, great for children to support fun end enthusiasm while practicing
  • Solid, reliable construction
  • Made in Germany!
  • Free insured shipping to UK and Germany!