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Yamaha Arius series digital pianos are an excellent choice for the aspiring musician or the experienced player looking for a piano on a budget. The YDP143 digital piano will provide you with the sound of Yamaha CFIIIS 9 foot grand piano in a convenient, much more compact instrument that will be perfect for every room. The 88 note, Graded Hammer Standard keyboard features a weighted action and touch response that will accurately capture and recreate the expression and emotion you are playing with. Yamaha YDP143′s responsive keyboard is also gradually weighted, which means the keys in the lower register are heavier and are gradually getting lighter towards the top, just like an acoustic piano. This will make you easily transition from your digital instrument to an acoustic one and help you develop excellent technique, making the YDP143 such a popular choice for students. YDP143 now features Intelligent Acoustic Control and Acoustic Optimizer. The Intelligent Acoustic Control will ensure that you can play your piano at any volume and enjoy the rich, multi-dimensional sound it has to offer. Acoustic Optimizer further supports the quality of the sound by regulating the flow and sound and control of tone from the cabinet of your piano to ensure a natural, smooth tonal richness across the entire keyboard. The YDP143 includes a Stereophonic Optimiser which provides you with a spacious, surround sound quality when you are listening through your headphones, ideal during silent practice. This will add a whole new dimension of functionality to your piano and allow you to use controls more efficiently, explore new performance possibilities and more. The YDP143 also has 10 on-board sounds that you can experiment with, add some reverb or mix together using the dual/layer functions. You can also record your performance easily using the 2-track, 1-song recorder your piano has to offer.

  • 192 note polyphony, 3 pedals, half pedal function included
  • 10 on-board voices,10 demo songs, 50 piano preset songs
  • Dual/Layer function, Duo feature splits the keyboard into two, perfect for lessons, 2 track, 1 song recorder, Playback/recording: Standard MIDI file
  • Tempo range: 5 – 280, Transpose: -6 – 0 – +6, Tuning: 414.8 – 440.0 – 466.8 Hz, USB to Host connection for iOS/Midi communication
  • Range of Yamaha iOS apps available, 2 x 6W Speakers, Supplied with Owner’s Manual, power adaptor, 50 Great for the Piano book and power adaptor