Professional quality 7 piece drum microphone kit. Includes 1 kick drum microphone, 4 snare/tom drum microphones and 2 instrument microphones. This kit is complete with microphone holders for the snare and instrument microphones, all included in a...

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MARS RETRO FUSION SET The Mars Series "Classic Fusion" Shell Pack includes smaller sizes that are equally suited for the rock drummer needing a highly portable, great sounding kit, or the Jazz drummer needing versatility. The Insulated Bass Drum...

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Acoustic guitar strings set 80/20 coated with ball ends Gauges .010, .014, .022, .030, .040, .048 Fender dura-tone strings are made with a specially applied micro-treatment.Resists tone-killing grime and corrosion.The result is a string that...

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- including: 20" x 16" bass drum (12 lugs) - 10" x 8" tom (10 lugs) - 12" x 9" tom (10 lugs) - tom holders - 14" x 14" floor tom (10 lugs) - 14" x 5,5" wooden snare drum (12 lugs) - snare stand - bass drum pedal - 16" crash cymbal + straight stand...

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Made of non-slip pure rubber for real action, these mutes make quiet practicing an option on the drum set.10, 12, 14, 16, 22, hi-hat and cymbal...

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Designed to add to Electronic Drum Kits Roland TD1KV Roland TD1K Alesis DM Lite Alesis DM6USB Pack Includes:StoolSticksHeadphonesMakes And Model May Differ From...

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4 Colours in kids percussion Junior Drum "Cherrystone", from 3 years The movements and rhythm of feeling to be trained. With this instrument, (20 x 16 cm) consisting of drum, snare (20 x 9 cm), bass drum foot pedal (30 x 25 cm) with metal and 1...

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Meinl Steely II Djembe Drum Stand. The Steely II Djembe stand (patented) features all of the same designs as the Steely II Conga stands (patented). It can be adjusted to accommodate various djembe sizes using three spacers and is fully height...

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Special Features: Protects all wooden surfaces, easy to use The sela cajon finish set is perfect for all sela cajon kits without a finish.Easy to useWith special brush for perfect applicationProtects all wooden surfacesResults in smooth and satin...

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DW's Maple shells with reinforcing hoops have a longer, slower sustain ratio while birch shells without reinforcing hoops have a shorter and faster sustain. Maple produces a warmer, lower fundamental tone than birch. Features: Maple Shells 6-Ply...

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Playing surface: MacassarBody Material: BirchDimensions: 30 x 30 x 50 cmSnare effect: Removable Sela Snare System Special Features: Assembly setAccessories: mit ausführlicher Bauanleitung und Video-Unterstützung The Revolution in...

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2 Single-Coil Pickups Neck: Nickel Cover Bridge: Black Cover DC Resistance: Neck Pickup: 7.1K, Bridge Pickup: 7.3K Inductance: Neck Pickup: 2.35 Henries Bridge Pickup: 3.7 Henries Alnico 3 Magnets Fender 51 Nocaster Telecaster Pickup SetDesigned...

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